Feeling good, looking good
Living good, everything is good
I wish a nigga would
I wish a nigga would
Smoking good, drinking good
Fucking good, everything is good
I wish a nigga would
I wish a nigga would

It's like I smell that money from a mile away
Neck full of Lucky Charms, my pockets on St. Patrick's Day
This money I be fucking up, these bitches I be fucking 'em
Sometimes two at once, yup, double-dutching them
I'm that nigga, you know it's true
You wanna be me, I know you do
Your girl want me, I know she do
If I was her, I would want me too
I'm back, tell 'em watch the throne
Get a flick of my fancy clothes
Bad bitch with no panties on
Tight jeans, see the camel toe
Went and got a zip from my nigga Wiz
I said what's this? He said Amber Rose
Got a stripper pole in my bed room that your bitch be dancing on
I'm like Rihanna when it come to cake
You flyer than me? No fucking way
Riding 'round with that bitch nina
Smoking keisha, that's a double date
Somebody call up Spalding
Somebody call up Nike
I done balled out of my Jordan's
Your chick keep callin'
We smoke a blunt, then she strip
Then I tongue kiss her pussy lips
Then I come up, give her a kiss
So she can taste how good her pussy is

Stuffing big cones, we ain't smoking pinners
I'm balling like a Saint, fucking with them sinners
My pockets chunky, your shit got that thinner
How I look hungry? I got chefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
I'm rolling up zips, fucking with the dips
These haters talking shit, just a lot of lip
See the niggas that I'm with, that's a lot of Porsche's
See my old school car, that's a lot of horses
No rollie on, my eyes like I'm from Tokyo
Got a pound of weed that we all could roll
But I only smoke with my homies though
And everyday I'm in the hood
And everyday I'm smoking good

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