When the sun's shining in the sky - it's day.
But I've always loved night.
And my love for the night is my business.
And leaving into the night is my wish.

I love the night, for there aren't so many cars.
I love the smoke and the ashes of my cigarette.
I love the kitchen, because the kitchen can keep secrets.
I love my home, but I don't think I'm really being serious.

This is the night and its electric light shines in my eyes.
This is the night and its electric rain drums on my window.
This is the night and its electric voice invites me to the streets.
And I don't know how I'll be able to live till the next day.

I'm alone but it doesn't mean that I'm lonely.
My tape player's singing about this day.
I remember tomorrow, I should meet some of my friends.
And the coffee in a well-known cafe will warm me.

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