He hated to shower
Cause he wanted to smell
What was left of the girl
That stayed at his hotel
Still the water was warm
With the soap in his hand
As he halted the process
Just to stare at this man
In the dark of his room
Right after his nap
He buried his face in her pillow
Then he stared down at his lap
A small circle of miracles
Surrounded his head
That ranged dark blue
All the way to dark red
And in honor of this new affair
He bought some socks and some underwear
He was feelin' so sporty and lookin' brand new
To cover up his invisible tattoo

The box on the carpet
Matched the lines on his head
As he was ready to sleep
And he turns down the bed
Removes all his clothes now
Lays them on the floor
Slips under the covers
He hears her key in the door
His eyes blink for a minute
His lids open and close
A cool warmth fills the room
He feels her chest on his nose
His brow brushes her navel
His hand follows her hips
His neck jerks on the pillow
Feels the touch of her lips
But not as good as this invisible tattoo

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