[LLoyd Banks:]
Once again it's
The PLK all day I'm back

First things first ain't nobody touching me swag
Style or verse I chilled a little while but I'm
Back now it hurts the games full of he shes and it's
Time to lift they skirts platinum diamonds to they shirt I'm a
Diamond in your dirt neighborhood dust ball man fuck
Ya'll your hating cause I'm caking and your truck small plus
Ya'll mediocre flows can't cut it hip-hops to flooded wack niggas
With budgets fuck it I'll just ignore em I'm pretty good at that
I'm hooded black the crown left the town I'm a put it back now how
Hood is that you in a woulda coulda shoulda lane dna full
Of sugar it's termination on sight the white good in aim my dash
Got the wooden grain they took yours what a shame you had been
Abducted in the hall of lames niggas ain't calling shots they
Just calling names marajuana memory alcoholic vains nigga I just
Want the money you can have all the fame I had a glow
Before my chain before the cameras and reporters came to witness
A ballers rain, rain don't stop the parade I just raise the roof I'm the truth
Pleanty of old stereos osama proof my mama go shopping when
Shes bored a beautiful feeling and I chop a nigga for it I'm tougher than
Than a bid in thataca kids in africa you know I massacre anybody
You can think of, think of me I'm spectacular monster count dracula anything
That'll scare ya boo I'm right in back of ya half of ya know the deal the other
Half don't even matter, matterfact I got a gat for that I pop it in your blatter I'll add
A million of the niggas up lay em down and pick em up play around you
Getting cut layed in a hospital truck What!

[LLoyd Banks:]
5 or better nigga
Bring who ever nigga
It's the unit

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