It’s alright
He’s by my side
And He’ll take good care of me
It’s alright
He’s on my side
And He knows my every need

He said,
Oh you of little faith
See the sparrows in the sky
Unencumbered by the cares of the world
I feed even them
Clothe the lilies in the field
How much more to Me are you worth than these
I gave My Son for you

It’s alright
I’m by your side and I’ll take good care of you
It’s alright
I’m on your side
And I know all that you go through

He said,
When you’re at your lowest of lows
I want you to know
I think more of you than what you could yourself
My love is deeper than the oceans
Wider than the valleys higher than the mountain tops
I gave My Son for you

I said,
You formed then fought for my heart
Father how great Thou art
I know all that You are seems too good but it’s true
You made me then saved me
Love me unconditionally
Father of mine how did You
Give your Son for me

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