Billy Dale goes insane

Staked out on Pennslyvania Avenue,
I have seen the powerful ones
in open car motorcades, they wave to me.

I have walked the halls of the State Department,
Archives; I know the high-watt glow that shines
on Embassy row.

On the White House lawn
I was wrestled to the ground,
on the Senate Floor I was
roughed up and handcuffed-
they didn't even hear me out.

I wanna deal with North Korea,
state reactor, bomb factory,
hand in hand with good Kim Jung
I would ask him how it feels

when your Dad dies
and hands you a country-
when my Dad dies, I'll get the Chevy.

When the night is clear
the spacecraft leak signals,
every night for a year
I've gathered their messages.
Interception's near:
invasion, landing plan.
I'm gonna save us all,
everyone, everyone

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