I rock a pair of butter Nikes
And blood drips on my kicks when the boxcutter strikes - your flesh
Your skin is tender, it's shredded like it's in a blender
The red drips from your head, in the tint of magenta
You're left gory, cats that be thugging or bugging
if they bring it towards me, reverse it
Take a walk back, rehearse it, think it over, direct it
at someone else that will flip on you and stab you for respect kid
Your idol, your average psycho, I'll leave you bludgeoned
I pack a rifle listen up cousin I'll leave you stuffed in - a coffin
Cut up like diamonds, shut up when I'm rhyming - or get
Your mouth blown off don't get me upset
You walking vaginas, talking like miners, you're spineless
Looking for Necro's, looking for trouble - you'll find it
So die quick, you bitches need the Heimlich
From sucking my dick, now drop the recital - I'm your idol
When I rhyme - fuck it, I kick raps like a slime bucket
I kick back getting blowed by a dime - suck it
You think whack, while me - my minds rugged
I see it's my time to bludgeon - I take a nine and buck it
You suckers, die slowly, respect me like I'm holy, Godly - the one and only
Hardly able to be played, I'm from BK
I need blades for he-say, she-say, you should be afraid
If you talk shit about me you can't relate
I'm a teacher - I'll beat ya - I got a degree in hate
So kill yourself, before somebody else
Kills you - before you get the chance to, you should be dealt -
The cause of death, by your own flesh
You want to kill yourself now kid? I won't argue with you, you know best
There's no test - I haven't passed
You test me you'll be the past - you'll be a walking cadaver fast
That's what you want, that's what you get
wana get cut off? We'll cut off your head
I offer instead the chance to turn your body around in the stands
Now facing me you must learn to follow my commands
Fuck back packers! You fudge-packers
shout outs to thugs and cats that pack axes
Death to new jacks, you're gassed cuz you made a track
Your ass, you get played and cracked and the blade'll be shoved in your back
Break his fucking face!! Now kid
bash it, smash it, he asked for it - slash it
But I might get caught? So what?
Do it anyway, bring the onslaught - everyday
It's like I gota kill somebody, now matter how hard I try to be good
I can't, you won't let me - now start getting deadly
Grab the buck knife - fuck life
fuck him, fuck you - now tell me what's the price!?
25 to life or you living? I'd rather you see dead
Good riddance - your head fucking splitting
Release aggression, swing a fist
blast a gun, crack a bat - over somebody's back
I'll never be done - ever - that's how Satan made it
Created all of us to be filled with hatred
Pain and anger - buck off the banger
Fuck off you piece of shit I'll strangle ya'
You getting cracked in the face with brass knuckles on my fist
Fuck you - you're a bitch - I should stuff you in a ditch
So puff a spliff - smoke your shit to this
Get you open like a clitoris - shove a knife in your tits
Its not simplistic it's technical
when someone sadistic stabs you in your ventricles
Mad thought takes place - should I stab him in the face or in the waist?
You get replaced and erased
Now face the burners G - one hundred bullets enter your body
Now you're dead for eternity - you can't come back
When you're stabbed like a thumb tack - I'm addicted to gats
Like uncle Howie does crack - so spark the stem
And I'ma teach you kids why your carcass is a gem
Study the bloody - my butcher knife lingo
Rips you to pieces - unos, dose, tres, quatro, cinqo - holes in your back
Burn you to death - charcoal - black ashes attack your soul with an axe
Jus' because you're dead - doesn't mean you're really dead
I'd rather kill you in the afterlife instead
You ain't getting no peace - but rest in peace
Pieces - one thousand parts at least - the maggots in hell will feast
You'll be deceased at least three times before the pain begins to decrease...

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