This is so dumb, this is so bad
Had to be numb, to miss you like that
Lifting me up, letting me fall
Fuck with my head like it’s nothing at all
You were my sun, you were my earth
I was your best and you were my worst
Breaking my heart, one piece at a time
Well here’s a piece of mind, yeah

You don’t know what it is you do to me
Yeah, you stole my heart
And all I have is a hole where it used to be
And the hardest part
Now you’ve got some substitute for me,
But he’s not the one
You don’t know what it is you do to me
Yeah, you leave me numb

Losing my mind, losing control
Swallow my pride, you swallow me whole
Smile on my face to cover my hurt
Spent so much time, but what was that worth?
I’m broken-heart, I’m taping it up
Flaws in my hand, mistaken for love
Nails in my back, they don’t mean a thing
They ain’t yours, they ain’t yours

I got trapped off in a black box
Lit from the matchbox in your rage
You say we are milli players who still act off of the stage
I kept begging you to stay like,
"Baby, please don’t leave me
Know you don’t like drama
But what’s one more season?”
And I dream on, you getting your plot and your sheme on

And I just be here with my theme song
"He love me, he love me, no he don’t"
'Cause you make me feel like the night before christmas
Love is a crime and I’m stuck in your prison
Far as you want baby, I go to distance
If you numb and I’m numb
Then what are we feeling?

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