[Bow Wow Talking]
Say O
We don' been all around the world
We don' seen so many girls
In some of the hottest cities
Do me a favor bruh
Holla at the ladies

[Verse One]
I got this funny feeling
As soon as I landed in LAX
That's when I saw this sweet lil cutie
With that Christian Audigier across her chest
She said, "I just moved here from San Diego"
From the butterfly tattoo up on her navel
I knewww (Bow: What you know O?)
That she was the kind of girl I like

All those Cali girls
They straight out the movies
Up in the videos (Ohhhh)
I love those Cali girls
Sometimes I think about it when I'm in the studio
All those Cali girls (Bow: I like that)
Walking up Sunset, like it's a runway
All those Cali Girls (Bow: I like that)
Oh man gotta get me one
It's something about those girls

[Verse Two]
Stepping out the 40/40
I'm the flyest motherf**ka on the scene (Bow: So fresh)
That's when I saw this Spanish Mami
[Those Girls lyrics on http://www.metrolyrics.com]

With Cavalli and Frankie B on her jeans
She said, "My family come from Puerto Rico" (Bow: Que tú quiere?)
And the way her friends keeps smiling at me yoooooo
I knewww (Bow: What you know O)
That I could take this shawty home with meee

All those Jersey girls
They could go from hoodies and forces
To tight jeans and high heels
I love those Jersey girls (Bow: Me too)
With the cocky attitudes
To tell you just how they feel
All those Jersey girls
I'm shopping in New York
And partying in Atlantic City
I love those Jersey girls
I gotta get me one
It's something about those girls

[Beat Plays]

Those Miami girls
Rolling down South Beach
With rings in they bellies (Ha!)
I love Miami girls
Riding 26's on Chevy Caprices (Ohhh)
Those Miami Girls
I'm driving down Collins
They party 'til sun sets
Like it's their birthdays
I love Miami Girls (Bow: My favorites, yes, yes, yes)
Ah man, I gotta get me one
Something about those girls

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