Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!
Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang - ONYX!!

Aiyyo, staircase to stage now, major waves
Tanktop Nautica, flippin your daughter thirty ways
Yeah who want mine? Bent outta shape, one time
Play the mall, starin at your beautiful, sunshine
Watch my shit shift, niggaz in the back, wigs lift
You know the stats God, don't even ask pah, back slit
Raw drug raps, thug hats and mob hats, spit on that cat
This yellow love nigga fuckin with a rich cat
My shit now, 5 feet 6, with a crisp hat plush
Throwin down on thirty bricks, niggaz is with that
Though, federados locked my man yo, hit lotto
Three-hundred thousand dollars in the bottle, bitch math is how
my technique, rover in the robe, gold link
You know the code read, suitcase money, stow heat
Rock Navi's though, hundred dollar bags valet
That nigga crabbed me, gamin himself, like Milton Bradley

[Fredro Starr]
Yo the semi-automatic glock this, unlock this
The weed spots get knocked, it's so hot chicks is topless
Whips are spotless, chrome rims spin obnoxious
You can't knock this, bust a shot you better not miss

X-1 wild out, and make you watch this
'til your eyes turn red with blotches, eatin scraps out the garbage
Unload a cartridge, and bust a cap
X could never trust a cat, Onyx is as hot as it gets
Bitches fuckin for free, is outta the quest'
Blow blood outta your flesh, your body outta your vest

[Fredro Starr]
I draws the heat from across the street
Fly you up off your feet, you die livin short but sweet
Street crime, time is money, nigga don't waste mine
Dispose my 9, throwin your shine, your froze in time
Lookin at death, holdin your breath, laid out
On the dance floor, blood and Moet, I'm

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