Learned it from the stars
Practiced in our cars
Felt it from our heads to our toes
Making it show

Something you can do
When you feel that special kind of groove
And you hear that someone says get back in line, but you ain't got time
Cause when you're walking down the avenue and your baby asks you what to do
Do the move

Take a look there's no tears in their eyes for you
They're gone now
Fear is something that you just have to lose
But oh how
Take a look there's no tears in their eyes
Take a look cause there's nothing but goodbye

Jerking at the gym, cause you feel it
Learning how to swim, cause you need it
Stepping out and feeling so fine
Drop me a line

Anywhere I go, people do it
Anyone I know, they can do it
Anytime I'm down in my mind
I can jump out of time

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