The snow was falling swiftly and it mounded on the street
Little footprints in the snow made by our children's feet
As I walked into the goodwill store to get some clothes to wear
As we turned around the corner I saw you standing there
I tried to turn the children and walk the other way
I prayed they hadn't seen you then I heard the babies say
Mommie ain't that daddy holding out his hand
Begging for money from that other man
They asked me ain't that daddy and yes I had to say
And I wondered if I failed you and made you turn this way
No you didn't fail me my weakness was just too strong
Because you see I thought more of the bottle than our family and our home
No you didn't fail me sweetheart you loved me all you could
You had my babies and you loved me like no other woman ever would
You know I guess I'd be better off dead than in the awful shape I'm in
But death just don't seem to have a place
For those that stayed drunk on whiskey wine and gin
You see I die a constant death over and over every day
If I could change in what do it for you the babies and our home
But you might as well forget me for I'm just too far gone
But I wish you would do me one last favor and do it just for me
When they ask you mama ain't that daddy just say it used to be

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