You're not really mad at Iran or Afghanistan,
You're mad at the fact that your wife can't stand you anymore.
You don't know where she is.
You're going crazy in your basement hole,
clicking your remote control spitting insults at the screen
cause tomorrow you're back at work
where you can't stand being the little man.

Exploit your problems when you can't get ahead.
No one really laughs at your stories anymore.
They're cynical like me so they ******
Your kids are at the mall,
they just sit and stare at the walls.

You think you tell it like it is?
You say you can't stand bleeding hearts
but every single day you just sit there bleeding for yourself,
you whine and cry in a manly voice.

This is your life.

You do it to yourself, it takes a load off your mind.
Go over to the world and **********

This is your life.

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