You got me wishing and i'm wishing on a thousand stars baby and i'm running my mouth cause you're so damn pretty
Should I drive home? Its two in the morning
Either way you know it, you know i'll be dreaming of you, with me and all the things you said to me like this: "We're cool, life's so good with you''
Its me, and you We're all alone baby
Sneaking out our windows, we're on top of the city
So make it happen, make your move
Tomorrow is waitng
Every second that i'm with you I can feel my heart beating, every beat that it makes is like a new life breathing
For the first time, love is a habit
If your heart is a drug, i'm a downhill addict
It's you, that I would throw it all away for one more night, like this drive
I thought I was lost in the city, it was just your eyes
Sharing secrets, share and tell
Keep them, keep me
You say them softly, i'll never tell
I'll never tell, never tell
All the words
Trust me girl
Keep them, keep me

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