For someone so young and naive
hard to know what to believe
still i thought i tried for a while
turning round and giving up is not my style
on my own on my own way

[chorus 1]
Bottled up is where my fears go, fears go
i will never show my fear
they'll tear me up until my tears show, my tears show
smoke and mirrors

You must try hard don't give in
keep it up and you win
don't let them know they get to you
put on a brave face and you'll get through
on your own on your own way

[chorous 2]
Bottled up is where your fears go, your fears go
you will never show your fears
they'll tear you up until your tears show, your tears show
smoke and mirrors

The journey of ours never ends
we will always pretend
fighting not to let them win
and they're falling into our illusion
on our own on our own way

[chorous 3]
Bottled up is where our fears go, our fears go
we will never show our fears
they'll tear me us until our tears show, our tears show
smoke and mirrors

It's about smoke and mirrors

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