I warned you, baby
From time to time
But you just wouldn't listen
Wouldn't pay me no mind
So I'm movin' on, I'm rollin' on
You've broken your vow
And it's all over now
I'm movin' on

That big eight wheeler
Movin' down the track
Means your true lovin' daddy
Ain't comin' back
I'm movin' on, I'm rollin' on
You're flyin' too high
For my little sky, I'm movin' on

Then someday, baby
When you've had your play
You're gonna want your daddy
But your daddy will say
Keep on movin', keep rollin' on
I'm through with you
Too bad you're blue, I'm movin' on

Mr.Engineer, take the throttle in hand
And take me down to that southern land
Keep movin' on, keep rollin' on
Just ease my mind
Get me there on time, keep movin' on

Mr.Fireman, please, won't you listen to me
'Cause I got a pretty woman in Tennessee
Keep movin' on, keep rollin' on
She's fine as can be, and she's waitin' for me
Keep movin' on

I'm gonna move, I'm gonna move...
Move (yes, I'm movin') Every day (yes, I'm movin')
And every night (yes, I'm movin')
And oh (yes, I'm movin') Yes, I'm movin'...

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