Don't tell me you can´t understand!
No, don't tell me you didn't understand!
Always trying to find any defect
In my way of life and what I chose for me

(Asking me) how can I stay so long?
(Asking me) if someday I'll go wrong?
Hell, no!
Why can´t you be vegan?

Yeah, right. V-E-G-A-N, VEGAN!
This is what I live, this is what I say!
Cryin' won't help, prayin won't do no good!
To those that are suffering, tortured and caged.
Exactly the point your life can´t reach,
This is the place where we separate.

Yeah, separate, from those who stood to fight against your luxury of death!

A sensation of seconds just to hear you
how I can stay this way.

Your paradise of colors, taste and dairy.
Their hell of guts, blood and shit.

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