I-I-I'm back!
Freaknik's back baby!

What's happen mo' you know who I is
Is Freaknizzle come to turn the party up to 10
I know ya heard me, freaks give word of me
And get wetter than bluberry vodka most certainly

What's up mo', you don't like me
I heard you throwing a party and did not invite me
(Didn't invite me? !)
Plus I heard your shit wasn't exciting
Just a buncha bitch pulling hair fighting

I see so much potential
Even though this area is a residential
Turn up the radio put on an instrumental
Party 101 pick up a motherfucking pencil

I'm back bitch
Like that bitch
Yee ain't gotta had no bread nigga just act rich
This ain't no fucking party over here
So let me throw this motherfucking money in the air

(Turn it up) Freaknik's back in town so
(Turn it up) bitches and hoes goin' get down so
(Turn it up) bitch ass niggas take off that do-rag
24 and 4-12s in my new Lac'

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