Kathy-O, Kathy-O,
How do your secrets grow?
Why do you do the things that you do?
Kathy-O, Kathy-O,
Why do you taunt me so?
I never know just what you will do.
As you dream by the window,
Bewitched by a star,
Are you angel or devil?
I wonder what you are.
Kathy-O, Kathy-O,
Strange little Kathy-O.
I'll always love you,
My Kathy-O.

-------Another Version

The Diamonds

Kathy-O, Kathy-O
Why do the flowers grow
Kathy-O, Kathy
Only for you

Kathy-O, Kathy-O
Sunshine goes where you go
Smile for me Kathy
The sun will come through

As you sit by the window
Bewitched by a star
Are you really an angel
I wonder what you are

Kathy-O, Kathy-O
Just keep your dreams aglow
You'll always be
My sweet Kathy-O

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