So, will all the lonely hearts be free tonight?
And not just gaze at the stars in the eyes
of the ones they wish would love them in return,
or can we all just move on with our lives?
And forget about things that we could never have,
the cold night doesn't comfort
you quite as well as you'd like it to.
But it's going to have to do tonight.
Wrap yourself up in yesterday,
because I'm running out of ways
to make the future count.

How hard are you willing to try to make this work?
How hard are you willing to try to make them count?
These nights that we spend alone, wondering how we fucking drift apart, steadfast, keep a wide eye on the road.
Follow your compass to wherever it may lead you, even if it doesn't lead you home.
Misguided, disenchanted, still young, but far past restless, I will still wake up, and no matter what the lonely hearts may think of next, we will all be free tonight (tonight). Tonight, we will all be free

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