Tinker, you better place another bet
The rich up in the castle haven't finished eating yet.
They'll throw you a bone or a spat-out stone
But knowing them that's all you'll get.

Tailor, you better close another shop
No-one wants your quality, make do with what you've got.
They'll let you survive,
They'll let you get by.
But knowing them they'll let you rot.

You better be doubtful,
You better beware,
You better not shout now,
You better not care.

Tinker, you better buy another boot
Those ''Pocock Continental'' are finally showing through
We'll get you a pair
From a second-hand fayre,
They'll only have 'a two'

Sailor, you better sink a few more ships
Admiral loony Nelson cannot find his game of risk
We'll lose a few lives
A couple of tribes
But knowing him he'll lick his lips


From Queen Wilkins to Queen Victoria
We've had a promising side,
From King Callaghan to Bonny Prince Francis
We've paid up and we've cried
Princess Gower and Princess Ferguson
We've looked a hard nut to crack
But we're weak at the..........Back!

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