Pharcyde ?ISERY
Uh, I know you,
you used to ride up high on your green steed
Usually after they come down,
fools come back around,
Sniffing out the weed,
in dire need of just some
Simple conversation
For some inspiration,
Well accustomed to being unwelcome.
Exclamation, no comma,
more drama from your common
Or regrets that keeps coming back like
shadows at sunset.
Some sweat while we move,
they try to blackmail this black male
With weak stories and frail ass tales.
Your worthless,
ruthless, movements won? do it,
So don? do it,
Your envy is hungry like the wolf and duran duran
And your plan is see through like seranne,
Dried in the Sudan,
you need to come with a new plan
Your loneliness was the cause of all of this behold
It was no real reason for all that to be told
Your brain is twitching, stop bitching,
Intertwining mine like stitchin
You and your uncontrollable, gullible, emotional conditions. . .

And misery (misery, misery, love)
Why you wanna take me there? (company) with you, with you.
And misery (misery, misery, love)
Why you wanna take me there? (company) with you, with you.

Claimin to be a friend in need
Troubles interwoven like tweed, suits
What? lower than soles on boots?
A partner, you told to get his shit together,
stayed in co-hoots
Aggravated, agitated, misery he scoots
Cumbersome, isolated, bad villains migrated
Tryin to take me down under
treat me like aborigines
Knock to ground like tees at the matches
Who realizes the turn disasters
Got me thinking negative
With things developing the bonk
And brings a whole new pitch,
Changin my frame of thought

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