Still a slave to the night time demons
Still captured by their spell
Looking down into the vortex
To the fires of a sleep-created Hell
Down in the seething mass
You see, though from afar...
... Your one last chance

All's not fair in sleep and war
When you're on the losing side
Plced in battle by your own mindset
And no-one hears your tortured cries
But through the battle lines...
You see, though from afar,
That one defining point of light
That shows who you are

This sleep is not what it seems!
But it's bearing down on me,
Tearing out of me,
Until the daylight comes around.

And this is not the end of the world
Although you sure can see it from here
Nights and terrors blend into blackness
Random thoughts displaced by fears
Called form somewhere
In the back of some lost mind
Comes the drive, the motivation,
In the daylight, dreams are blind

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