The airwaves are still silent in the deep april cold
Magnetosphere at rest, undisturbed by our troubled world
Auroras fleek horizons, visibly observed
But not yet called upon to propagate our words

Jack phillips takes the key in the first hour of the night
And taps out cqd from mgy in the first hour of their plight
Cottam takes the code and rostron turns the wheel
To steam into our future, into legend, undetected

Titanic calls carpathia in the night
Through nothingness, through 57 miles
And the sparks still fly, down through history
And down through every walk of life

Iii) lovell calls houston

And in a baked bean tin half way between two worlds
Three stranded mens' lives depend on simple words
Home hands temptingly above them in the sky
And while they plot the rescue plan, titanic's sparks still fly

Jim lovell's calling houston in the night
Through nothingness – 200,000 miles
A swingball in infinity
A rope of radio to keep the centrifuge at bay

Titanic calls carpathia!

Iv) lost soul calls antares

Across the endless plains of europe
And a friendship sometimes strained
By belief and competition
But in spite of which remains
From a bedsit in the wilderness
One reaches for the phone
To hear the voices of "belonging"
Yes it's time to head for home

And a lost soul calls antares in the night
Across europe and a thousand weary miles
And the echoes of all his heroes will
Line up to "keep the sea ajar"
Titanic calls carpathia

V) fire in our fingers
And now we can all talk across oceans
If we get things sussed we don't even have to pay!
We get "free itunes songs" when we return an empty bottle
But there's so much around
That we throw the damn thing away
Posting to billions who don't have time to read us
Giving ourselves away

A young kid I know's got fire in his fingers
But in this crowded room you'd never pick him out
Lost in a labyrinth of a squillion facebook profiles
The endless prize of "look at me" and pathetic shouts
Bringing down leaders to fight over their replacements
Talking ourselves to death

Vi) earth calling anyone

Beyond the rusting pylons, beyond the looted homes
People scrabble around for batteries to get more talk time for their phones
We want so much without paying, we forget someone has to make
The things we want for ourselves so we just eat each other's cake

We made petrol out of plant-life we took fuel from the sea
We burned everything that would burn, we got it all for free
We fought it out on our internet where everyone else was wrong
We gave our lives completely – crazy for comm

Titanic calls carpathia in the night
And some planet out there might just hear our plight
In ten thousand years, they might come looking
To see who was making all the noise.

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