Enter my
November Boy
With eyes like the sea
The radio sings "Love Me Do"
Yeah I agree
And I've used up
Every sentence that
Love has to offer
So silence or
Some recycled line
Now which would you prefer

Here's hoping that you thought to pull your window down cos the
Dogs are still barking Debussey in rounds and the
Night-time noises are leaning to confer
I'm saying nothing it makes my feelings
Just a little louder

Come aboard
This soapbox
Or just pull me down
Been taming rats
In every corner
Of this godawful town
Its just you and me now
Our alibi's
Have gone off to bed
So its up to us
And our seasoned smiles
To remember what is said

Here's hoping .........

There's something between your teeth
And if you cant stand the heat........

Here's hoping ..........

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