Wake of a whisper, thirteen years unspoken past
Silhouettes at the table, in the candle, shadow cast
The muse and the mystery lost in me, though still remain
A specter of tragedy ever lingers like a stain

And regret is the rule of the day
All the things they've forgotten to say
So they chose not to start as they drifted apart
While the innocence melted away

And it's a long way down when the promise is already gone
All the dreams we founded have faded with time, and its time to move on
Here surrounded, too proud to give up but too tired to carry you home
What a way to be free

Shell of a memory from an artificial life
Matchsticks and ashes, only figures marking time
He just stares at the window, the scars of vacant eyes
Gripped by the haunting and the loss he kept inside

So she carries the weight of the world
And she buries the dreams of a girl
And she wonders if time will be aging like wine
Or the pain that created the pearl

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