Take a walk outside tonight
And raise your eyes up to the sky
And you might catch a glimpse of him go by
If you spot the brightest light
It's not a star or satellite
Reflecting in the corner of your eye

The captain of the ship is the dictator of Eternia
And no-one dares to mess with him today
Cause greyskull isn't where it's at
No man-at-arms, no battle cat
And he-man is a galaxy away

Pressure from his evil henchmen starts to get his dark attention
Questioning why he can never win
He doesn't know - he feels like he's the bad guy in a tv show
No matter what, he's always "foiled again"!

What I need's a change of scenery so they won't bother me
It's time for me to navigate the stars
So learn to face the things you fear
Re-entry in the atmosphere
His tyranny has never spread this far

Skeletor goes to mars
He has come for you
Skeletor goes to mars
With a skeleton crew

Read between the lines and see the wisdom in this tale
A lonely man so far away from home
Just like you and me, he needs to see God in the dark
He's not alone
You're not alone

Skeletor goes to Mars
He has come for you
Skeletor goes to Mars
With a skeleton crew
Skeletor goes to Mars
And he'll catch you in the end
To get it again
Skeletor goes to Mars
Burning up in the sky
Skeletor goes to Mars
With a bar in his eye
Skeletor goes to Mars
No it's not a shooting star
It's Skeletor going to Mars

My tears
Well up in my empty sockets
And drip down my bone face
Because I am alone in space
My fears
I feel them in my hollow ribcage
I guess despite what I have thought
Maybe I'm not cut out to be an astronaut
Panthor and I watch the stars go by
From the window of my happy little shuttle home

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