Silent for so long*
I wondered through empty streets
'till I... found myself screaming at last -
Take me away
I'm not meant to be here...

Left behind without a word - just
Empty letters of lies and those
Bittersweet memories - buried somewhere deep
Now how will I find home again?
How will I know the way?

Do I have to walk through fire again
- Do I have to take that lonely way?

Cowering behind the lines
Chasing illusions
Drifting slowly down and down
Along with sparkling sands of time

Wondering when hope was set free
And we all got in line
When has the run begun...

Just open your eyes...

Over your head
Of they're building
Someone else's world
And yet you follow the same old
Road under your soles
When will you awake?
When will you look inside?

Who's hero will you be,
who's yesterday belongs to you
oh who's tomorrow...

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