In the city lights, the night'll give me life.
I hear the drums, Ima war chief gimme knife.
Got kush fuck the knife just give me light.
Spark it up in my grow room, pretty sight.
Got a house on the hill with the pretty type,
You ain't got a kush man, what a shitty life.
I don't wanna hit a bowl on ya mini pipe.
Tryin to hit my 8 footer, reach Diddy heights.

Now Im swinging on the drums like tarzan
Incorporate the weed to my bars man
Sixteen of em, I been needin em, on stage screamin em
Pr's Hill screamin' em
They call me the Greenthumb, the serene one
I laid back from the drum like a beach bum.
Shit is hot as summer. Another classic number.
Everybody give it up for the funky drummer.


And the beat goes on (and the beat goes on)
And the beat goes on and on and on
And the beat goes on (and the beat goes on)
And the beat goes on

Here come the west coasters, wylin out loco.
My eyeballs bleed from the weed I been smokin.
Keep walking son, I keep the song hostile
Mad weaponry, I bring by the stockpile.
Way too deep, my block legendary.
Many MC's tried to creep and got burried.
He aint come to Cypress, back with the tightest
Man behind the king, we know you gon' like this.
Roll with the top dog, do it like a rockstar.
Stuffin em up, a double dose of hot sauce
You got your ears on, and your listenin
To bad motherfuckas in this here business.
Handle shit right, get your stack on
Anybody hating, its the fool you smash on.
Gonna say last time and Im gonna jump
Hit em like Blam ! Give the drummer some

Shit is critical, we are the invincible.
Riot starter, start riots on principle.
At the pinnacle, the game is winnable
Put the record on the table, guaranteed spinnable.
Follow the leader, the level is going off the meter.
The funk freaker, with the big drum beater.
What you scared for, better prepare yourself.

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