Flying bottles, broken glass
Out for blood, wanna kick some ass
Want some action at any cost
Why don't you just get fucking lost

Riot squad, nazi squad
They'll kick your ass
They'll kick your butt
Riot squad, nazi squad
Will it ever, ever stop!!!

Bored as fuck, you wanna smash
Break some bones, bash some heads
Aim your gun, shoot to kill
For the exitement, for the thrills

Riot squad
Will it ever end?
Will it ever stop?

Police abuse remains one of the most serious
Human rights violations in the world. the
Excessive use of force by police officers
Includes unjustified -fatal- shootings, severe
Beatings, fatal chokings, rough treatment, etc.
Police brutality against peaceful protesters
(seattle, genoa, etc.) is now standard practice.
Stand up and fight police brutality, repression,
And criminalization: no more stolen lives!!

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