Mother nature terminator
Hell on earth creator
They're coming through, changing you
Well, see ya later aligator

What they call progress
Makes no sense to me
All we do is regress
Till we'll no longer be

Gene manipulator
Bio-tech dictator
They'll patent you, your mother too
Tell me what the fuck are we gonna do?

What they call progress
Makes no sense to me
Pollute, destruct, waste and take
Till we'll no longer be

> This song is directed against all gene-polluters
of the world especially this company called
'Monsanto', producer of pesticide DDT (now
banned), Agent Orange (used in the Vietnam
War), BST/BHG (makes cows produce more
milk but causes all sorts of cancer in humans,
banned everywhere in the world except the
USA), PCB (toxic pollution leading to hormone
disorders and cancer), etc. They're also the
producer of one most scariest new inventions:
the TERMINATOR GENE. This gene makes
plants kill their own seeds and forces farmers
to buy new seeds. If these genes infect other
plants (which has already happened in several
cases) the rest of the nature could stop
reproducing as well! A nuclear disaster 'only'
lasts 10,000 years, whereas gene pollution
is forever self-perpetuating, irreversible and
irretrievable. We CANNOT clean up gene
pollution!! And what does Monsanto have to say?
Phil Angell, director of corporate communications:
'We're not interested in the safety of biotech food.
Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.'

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