Verse 1:
He is a way out of no way
(He's the one who turns)
my darkness into day.

He dispatches the angels (the angels)
the angels in flight,
to assist in every battle (battle),
every battle we fight.

He's the one, one and only God,
He is always here,
(never ever far) not far,
(just a prayer away).

Verse 2:
So your mountains seem a bit too tall,
and your strength just a little too small.
All other resources bundled up together,
you know they ain't (ain't enough)
enough in (stormy weather).

He is able, truly faithful,
more than capable,
never ever far (not far),
just a prayer away.

He is power (yes),
with no limits (limits),
if you ask for grace (yes),
He will send it (send it).

And loose you from the stronghold (yes),
that has kept your mind (your mind),
and give you peace beyond compare (yes),
that you could not find (couldn't find).

He's the one, One and only God,
He is always near,
(never ever far) not far,
just a prayer away.

Vamp 1:
Just a prayer away,
waiting to hear,
always near, oh, oh, oh.

Vamp 2:
Just a prayer away,
just a prayer away,
just a prayer away,
oh, oh, oh.

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