I wake up in the morning
With my face to the South
Just another girl
Cause you know I stay high

Wake up in the morning
For my bitch she fuck me back
After she cleaned up and call the
If you were around the corner
You could probably hear her mumbling
Get the neighbors up
Cause I'm fucking her in the morning
I'm a mother fucker nice
in the closet in these streets
I keep the in my pocket
You know I'm on operation
Keep the rotation
I'm just trying to get a dollar
Our of 15 cents
So I hit the bitch
My daddy told me
Nigger get it how you live
Money over bitch nigger
That is what it is

Keeping til I die
To these bitches I lie
Walk on fucking mall
Looking soft
All I know my bank account
Got digits
California cheese Fucking


I'm tired of morning fucking
Bed side fucking
cause I'm bad
never get in between
bitch like mine
Shorty know what I mean
I'm talking like a pro
she might never leave
Go on the low
She's a very freaky girl
Don't say no to that
She wait when I swung
push on the pillow


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