I'm falling off a cliff, and I ain't worried 'bout a cushion
Utterly in love with this limit that I'm pushin'
No more talkin', cause the proof is in the pudding
Behind a great man, they say is a better woman
So women of the world, we need you more then ever
'Cause when you heal a man, you bring a nation together
And when a man is hurt, he shovels you with abuse
And then we teach the kids, that's the trouble with the youth
I'm thinking about a way I can help us get the message
Maybe through my music, I'll alleviate the stresses
Everything I've learned, I've learned from my mothers essence
And thanks to her, I'm unafraid to ask the tougher questions
Believe me you, I know its gettin' hard
The type of shit that make you not even believe in God
But listen to my words, hopefully I'll change the odds
Cause the true meaning of faith is believing in your cards, uh

Ain't nobody else gonna do
The things you do for me
And that's my word
Forget the thug in your life
When you need a little love in your life, call me

So baby it ain't a thing, just tell me whats on your mind
No hesitation there's dinner reservations at nine
Glorious love lets celebrate with some wine
Ill look into your eyes and tell you everything's fine
Cause everything's fine, especially you
I'll never take for granted, what you blessedly do
I speak it from the heart so every message is true
And after all it is, my heart led me to you
So faith over fear its pretty simple and plain
I love the way you smile, and how your dimples arrange
The way you find beauty in things that are strange
And when we make love you sing in the perfect range
Sorry to be blunt, but this is all I know
Forget what's in your mind and follow whats in your soul
Without a single word, I can feel that you know
Just like when I close my eyes I can still see you glow (woah)

"I see you, baby
I just wanted to, uh, let you know that, you got my love
There's few woman out there now'days that actually respect themselves
and hold themselves in the right light
So I just figured I'd shine a little more light your way to keep you up."

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