*Just One 10 MINUTES The time when you become mine
The men crying because they've been deceived by my innocent tricks
Baby you're being shaken by a different charm
Have some courage, come to me, You know you can have me

This one late night,
The place I went alone,
The people dancing
In there was you and your girl
Somehow, I was attracted you and wanted you
In that 10 minutes when she left her seat

**The boring moment
All changed the moment when you saw me (Im telling you)
Forgetting about the long love, the important fact is
You're attracted to me more

I say your girl is looking in the mirror right now
And she is putting some coats of a bright red lipstick
Baby her feet probably hurt from the high heels
Im different, please dont compare me with her

I said its not a short moment
We can become trapped in a movie
In a movie, 10 minutes become a year
Dont be afraid, you want me too

repeat **

Just one 10 MINUTES The time when you become mine
After everything is over, she is coming back
Baby, her bright red lipstick looks horrible
Come to me, its ok to hold me now

Don't tell a lie just be yourself
Dont make it hard on yourself and turn away
Tell me to follow you (have it your way)
Bling Bling shine it's right to come
Tell me that I've fallen in love with you
If you're going to tella lie,
Pretend that none of this happened

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