Where are you going? Time passes so quickly.
And where might you be? Doing what? Are you pleased with me?
I'm gonna head fowards to the approaching future even though there will hard times.
I'm going to start again. An extravagent Act 2 is gonna unravel.

I became the spokesperson of the teens and suddenly
it's been 8 years since I've debuted into the singing industry.
With four words to forty, no words can describe the
defiling and lonely time I've endured
Even if everyone turns their back on me I'm not going to give away.
I'm going to win, this is my life.
No one helps me. Now I live the life of the celebrity that I was so awed by.
And now that I think about it, who would've thought I'd be on TV?

Yo! Instead of running into this world, I've fallen into it.
Yea, there's nothing I can do. And my brain survivor is becoming a calculator.
Now I'm above your head.
Today when I take a step I make another pack with myself. I have to be strong.
My life is a drama because I started out as the star of this drama.
I have to be the laststanding man.
I have to keep to this drama. And the last scene that no one knows about,
everyone is waiting for it to blow them away.

From five to three, to solo. Anyway life is spent alone. No pain, no gain.
Pain is always bad, but it's not. No pain, no gain.
From five to three, to solo. Anyway life is spent alone. No pain, no gain.
There are more things that you gain than you lose. Pain is gain, know what I'm saying?
The value of my spirit wears away by loneliness just like a lost little child.
There was a time when I lost my dignity and the value of my existence.
But now those things won't happen any longer.
I'm not going to be a slave to others and pay attention to their gazes
The hardest rival in this world is the existence of you.
Hey just one more time start again