everybod take off
you know that sound take off
take off
take off
take off
and i bout to take off
take off
take off
take off
take off
take off
take off
verse 1 (young dro)

young dro in da club my wrist cost a hundred racks
when i pop a pill i take off like dem thundercats
9 carrot stone wit the platinum all up under that
ak 47 chrome hoe you aint on none of that
luwey bat summa sat halfa dan a million
i fucked wit kush so much i had accdental chrildren
packen than a pealin rollin like a yay i do
feariri wit the lake off g4 i'm bout to take off
don't let the swag break yall that shit like a disease
i be lookin japanese an ounce of kush an ounce a lean
i'm a 30 inch rider dro travolta we can face off
like 4 3 2 1 and oh its the take off


verse 2 (young dro)
yeah i'm pimp squad tear your boys apart
stay out of our trap stay out of our yard
i'm so hard i rollin wit parolles
i'm a westside boy yeah i'm punnel punnel punnel
go and get dem suckas and tell that its over
this is a jag truck this is not a rova
30 inch rider you aint even worth it
i'm in my own world trick we on different earthfiz
sittin in my lambo don't make me turn a rambo
2 thyin lesbians thats all that i can handle
man i'm bumbin like a yay how i'm bumbin like a yay how
bow i fidin to take bow i fidin to take off


verse 2 (yung la)

i'm going to take off lambrogini top off
09 egghead going to take off i aint call the safe off
futuristic neno ralph lauren pelo g4 takin off every city we go
goin across the globe you don't go the place we go
connected wit the king you don't know the people we know
white boy stelo black boy bekono

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