I'm gonna give you my undivided loving baby
you'll feel it baby, mind, heart and soul come on
and give me your undivided loving baby
you'll taste the sweetest love- you're ever known say
you don't know what -you've got until it's gone
it's easy to forget the beauty in someone taking them for granted,
you're with them everyday little by little the love slips away
when you love someone -really love somebody you've got to
learn - learn to let the feelings show once I had someone -
someone who really loved me won't make the same mistake
this time i'll never let you go

¨repeat think of all
you've done for me words cannot express the joy
I feel inside you bring me such happiness working
through the day just one thing on my mind
I can't wait to be alone with you tonight
when you love someone - really love somebody show me
how you feel in every way show how you feel
- show me that you need me hold me close -
promise me you'll stay... ¨
repeat come on and give me your undivided loving baby...
you'll taste the sweetest love... you've ever known...
(repeat chorus fill fade)

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