(Chorus - 2x)
We third coast, all about our feddy bleed the block and get ghost
Different strokes for different folks, so we choose to cutthroat
We ain't riding on no horses down here
We get it how we live that's why it go down around here

We third coast, and I'm a soldier united, for the cash
Steady, I be ducking the law because consistent they clocking cash
Moving fast, I'm running around looking over my shoulder
Running to use my cash, one of my a.c. tell them on E running up my gas
I'm just a g, everybody in the streets know me
I represent that Killa Klan and the S.U.C. and the Guerilla M double A-B
They call me Ro Dog, giving it to you raw, fast or slow dog
It just took a little time for me to shine
and get up in the game and roll dog
Now I'm full grown, like H-Town be the age, Z-Ro done got full blown
Then I stood up in the ring
and a nigga done bit the dust but the bill got full dome
And I'll super-soak the crowd if I have to
Nigga with Benjamin faces I be after, then I get ghost like casper
Don't work then don't eat, play the game but don't cheat
Or trying to get it up out my stash I'll have you falling to your knees
Please, respect all of us less fortunate g's
Cause we coming up from selling ki's to staright selling c.d.s

(Chorus - 2x)

Who it be, Z-Ro, southside on the map I put it down
I'm accurate with my aim anytime I bu-buck them down
Brother don't mess around, give me a chance I won't let you down
But if you try to step on my toes I'ma pull my water pistol and wet you down
It be a real deal, watch out daddy these Presidential boys real steel
Anybody draw, they get too close, watch I better get a deal grill
For mill, can I think, catch me riding on a full tank
Every now and then I get up on I spank
I'm about the real I don't pull no pranks
Steady smoking lean, cause I'm third with a triple beam
Freezing the chain and a diamond ring and a heavy flow up in my jeans
The definition of southside, Houston Texas, we drop the top
Ain't no way in hell it's ever gone stop, can't stop

(Chorus - 2x)

Go on and put me for a show, I won't take man but half the dough
No stuff in the front just plain Z-Ro, not a substitute cause I ain't gone go
Nowhere, life is hard, but it's fair, living my life like I don't care
Look at my feelings when they get wet they tend to stare
Don't make a sudden move, just may be a sudden death
These characters think they bulletproof
but everytime they capped must not of been blessed
So victory for me, another victim of the mighty southside
Got everybody running back off in the house and scared to come back outside
Radio stations recognize, getting my regular thoughts in time
Hate me off that corner Z-Ro tired of feeling nickels and dimes
The definition of a hustler, Houston Texas, we bleed the block
Ain't no way in hell it's ever gone stop, can't stop

(Chorus - 4x)

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