Ordinary World de 7th Heaven

Letra da musica Ordinary World de 7th Heaven

Ordinary World
Ordinary World

Just give me time, to work it out
Just take my hand, see what I'm about
Just one more line, to work it out
So hard to find, think I might lose my mind
Just turn away, turn out the light
Nothing I can do, to make it right
Just one last kiss, to work it out
I have this wish, to overcome my doubt

Just say the words, I'll be there
Two steps behind, meeting you somewhere

I just need to find a place in time
I just need to find escape from this ordinary world

I heard the news, You've gone away
Took a chance, I know you couldn't stay
Just let me know, was it right
Should I go, I'll take the next flight
Just take a breath, and hold on tight
Stare at the sky, another sleepless night
I'll pack my bags, another leap of faith
I'll hit the road, I know what's at stake


Just give me time, just one more line, I'll work it out, a place in time
Just turn away, just one more day, just one last kiss
You couldn't stay


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