Spells Of Solitude de Aeon Noctis

Letra da musica Spells Of Solitude de Aeon Noctis

Spells Of Solitude
Spells Of Solitude

Floating in the depth
I sink, aloof. All I ever wanted
Lies within me…

Scent of the past was my dope,
my salvation
Silence… Broken glass…
My hope… Eternal loneliness…

Oh, I always wanted to see them all writhing in pain -
As they were unworthy of (the) past, I longed for so much
Oh, in my dreams I was rising again and again
So noble and bright, filled with force as a god… god…

The only vital thing in me is memory
Visions of the past flood my sight
What once was real, now shatters, as the faith in me
And sorrow claims me further

No praying heals, no fighting kills this sorrow
Born by Time and putrid human dreams
The castle of my soul was built on sand
And now the licks of waves make it fall…

(Oh, how naïve
I was to think that
I'm not alone
And world is my throne
Oh, no
All-conquering woe
Is gripping my soul
Taking it on
To the vistas unknown)

I thought I would clean the dust off my sword
I fought with this abyss and prayed to the light
Created my shelter, this rational world
But failed to fill the waste inside

Hiding from all that reminds of my might
I was crying for death in the dead of the night
(Now) surrounded by sorrow, sin and decline,
Pressed by this burden I lie, lie, lie…

I have abandoned my search for the sense (self)
My only desire's to wander on
Embracing the stars in my farewell dance
I sweep to the world so obscure and forlorn

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