Angel Of Solitude de Alias

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Angel Of Solitude
Angel Of Solitude

I arrive on a breath of velvet wind
Begin, enter darkness unseen by those who haven't sinned
Slowly step in time with raindrops pelting the earth and soil
Quietness to calm the turmoil
Slipping into darkness, different than Mr. Lewis
I hear "Who's this
Walking across my lawn?"
My workday begins at breaking dawn
With each revolution around that star
How will these souls know me
When they don't even know who they are?
I'm the one who eases blood pressure and eliminates stress
Yet doctors work against me
And even though they (tried the best one?)
Rest assured that I'll inevitably triumph over their attempts
It's feeble
Cause they don't understand that their temps have one day been granted
What they've planted will remain, it's a cycle
Just like the rain I step in time with today
It falls with the sole purpose of washing all your tears away

As I stroll silently amongst the shadows
I see that I'm between nothingness and eternity
I'm the last one you see before your journey
And the one who releases answers to your uncertainty
Some wish to seek shelter from the rain
Thinking they would be avoided by me and my glances inside their brain
Look past (hail) thoughts and the occasional tumor
To understand how you truly feel
How will I approach this case?
Thought to self:
Look on face for any signs of anxiousness
Unhappy with life style i.e. armloads of thanklessness
And it is this that gives me my direction
Of what they seek
My open arms of protection
Are waiting for the innocent and meek
To come towards me and say,
"Let me hear your voice"
At that point there's no looking back
This is when your soul comes undone
And you and your creator once again become one
For I will talk about how they have led a fulfilling life, in fact
That's when they react
With a deep exhale
Close their eyes, then turn pale
Brief, for I've taken their hand
And taken them through their life
In a three-second span
Decisions, decisions
Should I stay or should I go?
Coming with me right now would mean...
Absolutely nothing (at all/atoll/a toll?)
But if they stay to clean up messes
We'll have to sit and tell them
That today's dreams are tomorrow's successes
But you still have time
Buy your toys, make the most of it
Until I return for your departure
Or until my voice becomes clear to start your
Into... solitude

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