The girl with the cinderblock garden
Wait, I think we're on to something that we can't run from
Fate, but we can let it take us down
Down this road, where all the colours run together
Let's take the worst and make it better
Let's take this mesh and make a home

I know it gets hard for you to stay
But do you really wanna throw it all away?
(I'm thinking)
I'm thinking that we could make forever after all
Finding the gold in our darkest moment
Watching the roads turning into white roses
And we don't have to ever leave these walls
I'll be the boy with the silver lining
You'll be the girl with the cinderblock garden

Tonight, take all the ghosts and all those skeletons you hide
Bury them deep beneath the ground
Let them rest, cause you weren't meant to bear that burden
Look at the roses in your garden
You can breathe now and forget
Cos it gets hard for you to stay
But we don't have to really throw it all away

Just hold out for tomorrow
Our dreams will follow
Follow us back
To where, where nothing was broken
The future was open
Let's go back again

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