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Doors Of Night
Doors Of Night

I approach the Gate,
to a darkness so great.
This darkness, was born to be mine
for I'm the bearer of its sign.
Now, I raise the key,
to set the powers free!

Who stands there beyond
the Doors of Night?
Who is there to take
His self-proclaimed right?

Oh, I dare to test
your might and disturb your eternal rest
beyond the morning light,
in the realm beyond the Doors of Night!

You dare to test,
the limits of my might?
For disturbing my rest,
you will die tonight!

My resistance will fail,
in the end you will prevail
tonight! With all my might,
I am enslaved, behind the Doors of Night!

I opened the Gate,
to unleash the powers was my fate.
But now, I will close the Gate,
to trap behind a power too great.
I, was born to be the king
of the power of death and suffering.
I, will fulfill this fate,
but without the powers beyond the Gate.

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