Invisible de Ayria

Letra da musica Invisible de Ayria


I sit next to you,
you look the other way
You saw me falter
for one second of the day
Why am I so invisible to you?
Sometimes I hate you more
than you could ever hate yourself

But I love you,
would do anything for you
You don't even see
that I'm in pain
Frustration became humiliation
Waiting outside for you
in the pouring rain

What's left
of my self worth you
crushed it in your hand
Wicked game to torture me
because you can
You toy with me then pull back
We're never synched in time,
we blew that
The sad thing I've done the same
before to someone else

I tried so hard to be someone,
I never was nobody
I tried too hard to play this game,
I never was the winner

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