Prime Mover de Balance Problems

Letra da musica Prime Mover de Balance Problems

Prime Mover
Prime Mover

You don't need to prove yourself
You left some evidence behind
A pocket watch favorite clock
that moves tiny metal hands
so intricately planned

and as the gears turned round the frame
we speculate where bout where it came
from chance by luck from far above here now
and ours to laugh

you have no name
wont show your face
but not in this film dirt
well turn to dust and you'll remain beyond every …???

your loves so far and yet so close
and love is what we seek the most

so come down, come down, were all here on the ground
so come down, come down, and be found, be found
come down…

every day were traveling further from our past
leave the words and ties that bind they weren't made to last

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