Wasted Generation de Bastardz

Letra da musica Wasted Generation de Bastardz

Wasted Generation
Wasted Generation

They say rock n' roll is decadence (but) I wasn't given a second chance
Better cut the crap 'bout my long hair, mind my own business (I don't care)
Never made it all the way to school, my friends never thought make up was cool
Dizzy on dope I'd start a fight, this is fun all throught the night

I'm the wasted, wasted generation
Hear the wasted, wasted generation

Never had to think of each way to choose, always had a friend on the goop ol' booze
(You) lookin' at me tell me where you are (cuz) I'm on top I'm a born rockstar
Better watch you ass it's a good advice, I'm a fucking bastard and won't say it twice
Run for cover from my switchblade knife, I was raised with the crüe all of my life

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