Judgment Day de Bill Morrissey

Letra da musica Judgment Day de Bill Morrissey

Judgment Day
Judgment Day

I was born just out of town
and I never could get in
So I turned to traveling 'round
where the nights fade and the days begin
They called me a hobo
but I never took that name
And they called me a pilgrim
but I was not to blame
As I wandered through the tall pines and the clay
trying to put a hurry-up on Judgment Day

They jailed me in St. Louis
'cause I was easy prey
And everyone was happy
to go home early that day
Till it was just me and my cellmate
staring eye to eye
And then he started laughing, saying,
"Let me guess, you're not the guy."
He offered me a cigarette
As I reached he pulled away
Saying, "You never get a last request
until it's Judgment Day."

Her eyes they were flawed diamonds
She said, "That's the price of fame
Where all the girls are beautiful
All the women look the same
And all the men come courting me
because I'm the final one
And they give their names so quietly
just like you might've done
And names are just the final thing
a man must give away
And you'll pass yours on so willingly
when it comes Judgment Day"

Well, I heard her sing a melody
from a window in the jail
And I knew the day I broke out
she'd cover up my trail
Expecting nothing more
than the name I tried to toss
Staring into my heart with the eyes
of St. John of the Cross
Wondering if I'd return again
but it don't work out that way
Once you've turned your back and the rope goes slack
around Judgment Day

It was long out on the Great Plains
with nowhere left to go
The road was full of nothing
and the sky was full of snow
I've seen this road before
in the sun and rain and wind
But I don't need it anymore
Let that be my only sin
For whatever the next motel costs
I'll be glad to pay
And I'll hide out till I hear that song
that calls me Judgment Day

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