Twenty-third Street de Bill Morrissey

Letra da musica Twenty-third Street de Bill Morrissey

Twenty-third Street
Twenty-third Street

This moonlight in New York
will not go away
I sit in this hotel
and tonight I'm just too drunk to pray
She said that she'd always love me
but that she might not always stay

Have a seat
Have a seat
And we can look at the world through this window
on 23rd Street

I came a long way to see her one more time
There was a subway to take me uptown
There was an address she gave me last Christmas
where she said she could always be found
I listened as she said she loved me
I'll always remember that sound


If you look closely down to the sidewalk
you can see yourself as a ghost
We would walk 'round the block with no reason to talk
Back then we were younger than most
It's a love that you never will see
Hey, buddy, I don't mean to boast


Well, there's some folks bring love to a hotel
and some just bring their own quiet end
My story is not one hard to tell
and I just want to tell it again
She said that she'd always love me
All I need is to find her again


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