Nightmares de Brazen Abbot

Letra da musica Nightmares de Brazen Abbot


The sun is here now safe and secure
And nothing can harm me
But when it's time for bed, my mama has told me:
Hands on the cover

I see a bad moon is rising
And there's shadows on the wall
It's always the same when the sun disappear
The prince of darkness - i know he's here

Nightmares, chasing my senses away
A shape dressed in black was sent from the dark
And now it is calling my name
Nightmares, oh, lord i'm drifting away
Towards the night, far from the light
Even , though i've said my prayers

I've read the bible again and again
I should be protected the twilight is here now
Those voices inside me
Will start their calling

Yeah, when the night time is coming
To steal my virgin soul
A cradle of sin, that will force me to sleep
The angels of night let me hear their weep


The preacher has told me to serve god some more
And he will make it go away , some money will help him
To shelter my sleep , then he will make them go away
Shadows of sin unholy ones dragging me under
I see him now...


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